Heaven Grows Sweeter by the Day.

African dawn at saltpans in Botswana

Baobab tree


The following Nugget is a personal testimony of an experience I had and I feel prompted to share it today. For many of our peers it seems we are seeing dear friends and loved ones take the final step into the portals of Heaven. As strange as this might sound to my readers, for me personally, heaven grows sweeter by the day! Come sit with me as I share this experience.

On September 8, 2009 I underwent eye surgery that required an anesthetic. While under the anesthetic my brain stem reacted to the drugs that were being administered and the subsequent results were that I suffered multiple “mini strokes” over a period of 7 days plus the brain stem kept malfunctioning and sending negative electrical charges to all the nerve endings in my brain causing the most excruciating and debilitating pain in my head.
I was re-admitted to the hospital for emergency intervention and on the night I was most critical I was lying awake trying to focus on scripture verses that would strengthen my faith. I began to muse what leaving this world of pain and trouble and taking wings to my eternal home, was really going to be like. I drifted into a pain filled half sleep and the following account was a “dream” I experienced:

I suddenly became aware that I had left my bed and my pain wracked body was floating with absolute lightness. Wholeness and vitality rushed through my being with such force that I felt I could take wings and fly. I sensed a Divine Presence walking with me. I knew it was the Lord, as His comforting Presence totally enveloped me. I looked around and found I was standing in a beautiful valley surrounded by majestic mountains.
The valley was lush beyond human description! My eyes were experiencing a sensory overload from the beauty that lay before me.
The valley floor was covered with flowers of every color and description. It appeared that the Master Gardener had sprinkled flowers with gay abandon throughout the valley, yet all the colors and flowers were in total harmony.
The air was filled with the sounds of bird songs; once again their musical calls were in total harmony.

I was struck with the over-riding sense of total peace and tranquility that completely invaded every corner of the valley which began to permeate my very being.
There was nothing in that valley that spoke of strife, discord or the clamor that fills our earthly world.

The Lord took my hand and said, “Welcome home Norma, we have been waiting for you. Come walk with me as I have some people who are waiting for you.”
I became aware of a small group of individuals standing some distance from me and we began to walk towards them. Their bodies seemed to be translucent yet I began to clearly see their faces. Gone were the ravages of disease and age on their faces. Glowing health radiated from them.
Joy whelmed up within me like a bubbling brook as I realized I was looking at my mother, my father, my husband’s mother and father.
I began to run towards them and then noticed that in my mother’s arms was an infant. I let out a cry of joy as I realized that my mother was holding our infant son, Gary Anthony, who never lived long enough to see his first sunrise.
Our reunion was ecstatic and joyous! Mother placed Gary in my arms and I began to run my fingers through his curly hair, his face had lost the “waxy-like death pallor” that I remembered the moment he was drawing his last breath. His little cheeks were the picture of health; he too seemed to have a translucent body but I was very aware of feeling him in my arms.
The empty void of my aching arms for the infant son we lost 36 years ago was gone instantly and the mother’s heart in me was whole again.
The family kept asking me why I had taken so long to come and they told me that they had been waiting for me.

Suddenly I became aware that my earthly attachments were fading fast. I had absolutely no desire to return to this world filled with its pain and toil. It seemed as though my focus and vision had moved to an eternal focus instead of an earthly focus. I had absolutely no desire to leave this valley of total peace and tranquility. I turned to the Lord and asked him if I had to go back and He said, “My child you have come home, but you must return as I have more work for you”.

At that instant I became aware of my earthly surroundings, I heard myself whispering in my half sleep, “I’ve come home! I’ve come home!”
Then reality set in as the wracking pain tore through my head and I realized I was still in this earthly body and obviously had been dreaming.

Peace filled my soul though as I felt that God in His mercy had, for a few seconds, lifted the curtain and given me a glimpse of the glory that awaits the child of God.
The peace and tranquility of heaven transcends anything we can even begin to compare with here on earth. A child of God should never fear the dying process as, glory beyond our wildest imaginations; await us on the other shore.
I carry in my heart continually now, the comforting assurance that I can look forward to the day when I can “go rest high on that mountain, when my work on earth is done!”
Yes, “heaven grows sweeter by the day”!

Philippians 1:21-24 (NKJV) “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. But if I live on in the flesh, this will mean fruit from my labor; yet what I shall choose I cannot tell. For I am hard pressed between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. Nevertheless to remain in the flesh is more needful for you.”



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