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The Wonders of God’s Power

Elephants at sunset by Michael North Imagery

Elephants at sunset by Michael North Imagery


Have you ever stood and marveled at beautiful sunsets? Many of us have, I am sure.

The countless African sunsets I have witnessed are burned in my memory as they filled my vision with their glorious colors.  The varieties of hues were like a kaleidoscope of colors splashed across the evening sky. At times it looked like the sky was on fire, or as if some abstract painter had thrown their colors on the cosmic canvas.

At the risk of offending my readers; anyone who can look at sunsets and not be moved needs a heart transplant!

When we consider the wonder of God’s power it can translate into faith in His ability to intervene in the difficult days of our lives. We serve a powerful God which means there is nothing in our lives that confounds Him or restricts His power to intervene.

During our years as missionaries in Africa we experienced God’s powerful Hand in our lives over and over again.

Let me share a few examples:

Initially our total monthly income was $400.00 a month. By the time we paid our rent, utility & water bills and put aside money for petrol (gasoline) for the miles we need to travel; we would only have around $40.00 left for the rest of the month to cover food, clothing etc.

Yet we never went hungry! When the food ran out God would provide literally on a daily basis through a variety of ways.

When Glyn drove the body of our infant son the 100 miles to Salisbury, to lay him to rest; God was with him pouring healing into his broken heart. I was still in the hospital at this time but God walked those dark hills with me as I waited for Glyn’s return.

Countless times God stood between us and terrorist attacks during the years of the unthinkable carnage Rhodesia experienced during the Terrorist War.

I am merely “scratching the surface” of the living accounts I could share of God walking beside us in provision and protection.

Job is an example of a man who experienced the ultimate devastation in his life. Even in the midst of all his troubles and questions, he stopped and considered the wonders of creation.

In chapter 26 he scans God’s handiwork: the mystery of a sky held up by nothing.

The clouds full of water yet not bursting under their weight.

The beauty of the moon piercing the darkest night with is gentle glowing light.

The horizon that separates sky and oceans for as far as the eye can see.

He viewed the boundaries of light and dark that was so consistent in its timing.

Job considered the mysteries of the ocean and the striking mountain ranges whose cragged peaks were like fingers reaching for the sky.

What was Job’s reaction to the grandeur of God’s handy-work?

He marveled and then exclaimed:

Job 26:14 (NKJV) “Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways, and how small a whisper we hear of Him but the thunder of His power who can understand?”

Job recognized that his human perception was limited to comprehending the mere “edges” of God’s ability and power. Job’s exclamation of faith was his acknowledgement that his God was a big God who was not limited to time or space!

Today, we know far more than Job ever did about the wonders of the cosmos: the mysteries of the farthest extent of space to the deepest depths of the oceans. Amazing technology allows us to see things that human eyes have never seen before: the beauty of God’s intricate creation, brought about for his glory. Yet here is the most amazing truth: even when we’ve finished marveling at all these discoveries, they are still only a minuscule example of God’s power!

The troubled times we are presently living in need not overwhelm our souls. We serve a God of power and He is intricately concerned in EVERY aspect of our lives, plus He will write the final chapter of the events in this world!

Place your confidence in Him today my friends!

Psalm 94:19 (NKJV) “In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul.”