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How Big is God?

Elephants at Mana Pools by Ralph Sayers, (used with permission)

Elephants at Mana Pools by Ralph Sayers, (used with permission)


“The Lord your God, who is among you, is a great and awesome God.” (Deuteronomy 7:21)

When our grand-daughter was small I used to play a game with her. I would say, “I love you bigger than the moon.” Then she would respond, “I love you bigger than the sky,” and so the game would go on, each one trying to outdo the other in describing our love for each other.

If you were to change the question today and ask me, “Norma, how big is God?” My answer would be, “He is bigger than the cancer I fought hard to beat!” Why that particular answer, you may ask? Well, today I had a diagnostic Mammogram that confirmed that I continue to stay cancer free coming up on 23 years now!

So..……Just how big IS God?

This is a question that many of us have asked, consciously or unconsciously, when problems or hard times have flooded our way.  Let us be honest, at some point we all have asked some of these questions……..

Is God big enough to deal with this traumatic event?

Does He have the resources to meet my needs?

Am I even on His Omniscient radar?

Better still, does God even know my address?

Does God have pet people that He blesses more than others?

Take heart we are not the only ones who have questioned God greatness to intercept the difficult days of our lives.

This is exactly what the Children of Israel were thinking in Isaiah’s day; but Isaiah knew that if they could only see how big God is, they would not have to ask the question!

So Isaiah set about describing God’s greatness to the doubting people in Isaiah 40. He showed God, in all His greatness, coming in power to deal with His people’s situation and sin. In answer to the continued doubts of the people, Isaiah challenged them to simply look at his majestic acts in creation and then shows them that God can hold the mighty oceans in His Hand and He is able to weigh the towering mountains with His power! (Isaiah 40:12)

Then he turned their attention to the great nations of the world, which seem so powerful; but they are merely a drop in a bucket to God! (Isaiah 40:15-17)

He told them to think of the world’s great leaders: leaders of nations and superpowers yet they are nothing in comparison to God! (Isaiah 40: 22-24)

Finally Isaiah challenged the people to consider the stars—billions of them, millions of light years away, and realize they all are made by God and are known to Him by name! (Isaiah 10:26).

What a lesson you and me today. Is God big enough to come to my aid in times of trouble?

When adversity becomes the size of a mountain that cannot be climbed; is God big enough to defeat my mountain of adversity?

Let me tell you about our God……..

Pain does not mystify or nullify God’s power.

The state of our economy doesn’t faze Him, not even for one second.

Devastating weather systems do not disturb Him.

Diseases cannot infect Him – with one touch of His powerful hand, diseases are vanquished.

World political affairs and elections do not define Him.

Most of all death cannot claim Him as He is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end.

He is our eternal God!

He is the God who has promised to be with you and me today and to come to our aid in EVERY situation.

Whatever you may be facing, whatever “mountains” are blocking your way, the Sovereign God is with you, ruling in power and righteousness.

How big is our God? He is bigger than ALL earthly tragedies rolled into one.

Today my friends don’t look at your “mountain of defeat” but focus and put your trust in God, the “Great Mountain Mover”!