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Are You Willing To Wait?


Elephant at Mana Pools by Ross Sayers. (Used with permission) permission)

Elephant at Mana Pools by Ross Sayers. (Used with permission)

“Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous.”  Ps 27:14 NLT

Living in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in the early days when most of the rivers just had concrete causeways or very low level bridges, we were frequently caught between two flooded rivers during the heavy rainy season. When this happened we simply had no recourse but to sit by the river bank and wait for the water to recede enough, to enable us to make a safe crossing. I am pretty sure any Rhodesian reading this Nugget can remember those days with clarity!

Sometimes we would be caught between two flooded rivers, waiting for hours or even a couple of days! So we learned the valuable lesson of the safety in waiting. The reckless individuals who thought they could drive across the flooded river paid the price of their folly with their lives! It does not take very much fast moving water to wash a car or heavy truck, down river!

Recent floods in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas have shown how quickly flash flooding can cause massive devastation to homes and dreadful loss of life!

The lessons we gleaned while we were “waiting” at flooded river banks, were valuable lessons that have stood with us through the many years that we have served God both as missionaries in Africa and now as retired ministers here in the States.

It is only when we “look back” at those times of un-planned waiting that we see the Hand of God in the events.

Upon looking back we realize that God had something better in mind for us.

Then there were times that in retrospect we saw that we weren’t mature enough at that point, to handle what we were asking Him for.

How many times do we think we are ready to “launch out” ahead of God’s plan? We think we’re ready, but God knows when we truly are ready!

Over forty times in the Bible we’re commanded to “wait on the Lord.” Learning to wait is a test of maturity. Waiting forces us to accept that we’re not in control. We humans are such “control freaks”! Pardon my frankness!

Waiting humbles us in ways we need to be humbled.  Just as sitting on the banks of a raging river; quickly puts our humanity and its limitations, into its proper perspective!

Another example that drives this point home is a trapeze artist: For a split second, which must feel like an eternity, he or she is suspended in nothingness. They can’t go back, and it’s too soon to feel the grasp of the one who’ll catch them.

They must wait in absolute trust.

My friends, you may be at that same point in your life right now. You’ve let go of what God called you to let go of, but you can’t feel His Hand catching you yet!

Let me encourage you today.

Moses waited eighty years for a ministry that lasted forty years—two-thirds of his life was spent “waiting” and getting ready!

Jesus spent thirty years preparing for a ministry that would last three and a half years.

From God’s perspective, your life isn’t measured by its LENGTH but by its EFFECTIVENESS and its impact for His kingdom.

So wait, and keep a good attitude while you’re doing it!