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God Has A Purpose For You

Rhodesian sunset taken by my husband, Glyn Davies

Rhodesian sunset taken by my husband, Glyn Davies


Acts 13:36 (GW transalation) “After doing God’s will by serving the people of his time, David died.” 

During this very difficult time for our family, as we continue to keep “vigil” for my brother-in-law’s soon departure to his eternal reward; we have been sharing treasured memories of years gone by with each other. Through old family pictures, accounts of joyful times together and the many exploits we as a family have shared for the cause of the Kingdom of God.

During my devotional time this morning I was reading in the Book of Acts. Encouraging my own heart of the many that came before us and the mighty “acts” they did for God in a darkened generation. I stopped at Acts 13:36 as my thoughts immediately turned to my beloved brother-in-law, who served God with ALL HIS MIGHT!

Death for the child of God, who is walking in God’s will, is nothing to fear, as actually it means that individual’s work for God is complete!

I don’t know about you my friends, but in my case, once God’s plan for my life on this earth is complete, I have absolutely NO DESIRE to hang around this veil of trouble and sorrow!

Now the challenge is this……………………. 

We have only one life to live.

It can only be invested once.

How we invest our life is up to each one of us.

If we spend your time pursuing our own goals and ambitions, our life will bear testimony to how we sought to fulfill our earthly dreams.

If we live our life trying to please other people, our life will be a reflection of the plans that others made for us.

HOWEVER, if we seek to fulfill every purpose God has in mind for us; our life will be a tribute TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

Think about the reference to David in the scripture verse I quoted.

David became king of Israel in a difficult time. The Philistines had badly defeated Israel and killed the previous king. The nations close to Israel were looking for opportunities to take advantage of them. Even the city of Jerusalem was controlled by David’s enemies. David’s own people were divided between the north and the south. Some did not want David as their king. David inherited a lot of headaches along with his crown, but he trusted that God had made him king for a reason.

If you go back into the Old Testament and read the account of David’s life you will see that he determined in his heart to carry out every purpose God had for him.

Yes, he failed at times but always repented and returned to God’s plan.

He defeated his enemies. He united his people. He encouraged his nation to worship the one, true God. By the time David reached old age, Israel had achieved a measure of greatness that it has never reached again.

When David died, an old man, he had the assurance that he had completed everything God desired of him.

The result………? Did David receive the glory……….? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

GOD received the glory in David’s accomplishments because he followed God’s plan for the nation of Israel.

What about David, you ask?

The scripture records in this passage in Acts that he is known as a man “after God’s own heart”.

Acts 13:22 (NKJV) “And when He had removed him, He raised up for them David as king, to whom also He gave testimony and said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will.’

In my humble opinion dear friends, this is the epitaph that I would want carved on my grave stone…….that I was a woman after God’s own heart!

I know that my brother-in-law, Victor Coetzee, more than qualifies for that epitaph when he breaks free from the ties of this world and steps into the glory of eternity!

God has plans for you and me. He wants to use our life in ways that will make a significant difference, not only now, but for eternity. So let me repeat my title of this Nugget: GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOU but it is up to you to choose which path you will take!


Lessons Learned at Brook Cherith

Photographer - Michael North Imagery (Used with permission)

Photographer – Michael North Imagery (Used with permission)


On Tuesday I wrote a short “evening thought” on my Face Book page about taking time to rest and re-charge besides the Brook Cherith; taken from the passage in 1 Kings 17:3.

For those who follow my Nuggets you might have put two and two together and realize that I am recording my own journey of recovery and learning the lessons of slowing down! Having lived so many years in Africa where the pace of life is a stark contrast to the frenetic life most Americans lead, I am finding it is so easy to get caught up into the daily need to engage in frantic multi-tasking. Those of us who tend to be high-energy personalities need to set boundaries and allow ourselves time to come aside and communion at our “spiritual Brook Cherith”. So much strength is drawn when we shut out the strident earthly voices demanding our attention.

In this Nugget I want to share some personal lessons I am learning while stealing away to “my Brook Cherith”! In my time of meditation I came across the following scripture:

“And of Benjamin he said, The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders.” Deut. 33:12

Three things stand out in this verse:

The first lesson is:

There is no safety like that which comes when we dwell near to God. There is no sure or safer place for God’s children than to live continually close to His side. This needs to be a daily exercise where we actively draw nearer and nearer to Lord; until we develop the habit of abiding close to Him continually.

The second lesson is:

The impenetrable covering which the Lord gives to His children!

Not an imperfect roof that the winds of time can erode; or even man’s strongest bombproof bunker which can be eventually penetrated by the enemy; nor even an angel’s wing; but the Lord promises to cover His children, Himself! Oh what a glorious thought – nothing can come at us when we are hid under His Divine covering!

Notice something in the wording of this verse: this covering the Lord will grant us all the day long, no matter how long the day will last. We can abide consciously beneath this canopy of love, this pavilion of sovereign power.

The third and final lesson:

God promises to carry us upon His shoulders – the shoulders of our Eternal loving Father!

How many times in my daily walk I have had the need to be “carried on the Lord’s shoulders.” What a comforting thought during my seasons of weakness.

The Lord is the support and strength of His saints.

Ah yes, these lessons learned while sitting quietly beside the Brook Cherith will give us strength, courage and Divine peace when it is time to return to the fray of life’s battles.

Waiting Gives A Strong Heart


Elephant bull by Michael North Imagery  (Used with permission)

Elephant bull by Michael North Imagery (Used with permission)


“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Ps. 27:14

As you all know I was recently admitted to the hospital with what appeared to be some sort of heart trouble. All the symptoms pointed to a blockage that was causing the heart to become weak and tired as it was working too hard to try and get the proper blood flow through my body.

I learned some spiritual lessons from this time of physical testing. Maybe there are others who can be encouraged by the life lessons that the Lord taught me during this time.

The first lesson I had to come to grips with was that dreaded word……WAIT!

For those of us who tend to be “high energy driven”, the word “wait” usually is unfamiliar territory in our thinking. Those of us who have this character in our personality are individuals who tend to want “immediate action”.

Yesterday, Glyn and I were reminiscing how our children quickly picked up on this aspect of my personality. When chores were being meted out they knew that if they simply delayed doing them for a short period of time, I would step and do them myself! I assure you they used this aspect of my personality to their full advantage!

Waiting “seems” like an exercise in futility but actually valuable lessons can be gleaned while waiting.

Here are some of the lessons I gleaned during this period of enforced physical “waiting”.

Firstly I needed to let my waiting be on the Lord!

He is worth waiting for. He never disappoints the waiting soul.

Secondly during this time of waiting I needed to tap into uplifting tools to lift my spirits.   Tools; like immersing myself in the Word, listening to music that is a balm to the soul and surrounding myself with those of “like faith”.

Thirdly while waiting, instead of chaffing at my circumstance I needed to focus on God’s plan and be ready to praise Him NO MATTER what the outcome proved to be! (This is a hard step for most of us to take!)

In the scripture I quoted, the promise which is the pivotal phrase is in the middle of the verse — “He shall strengthen thine heart.”

This goes at once to the place where when we are in a period of waiting, we need the most help.   If the heart is sound, all the rest of the system will work well.

For the heart to function normally it needs the enzymes which block anxiety, stress, and clogged arteries which only weaken its ability to work as it was designed by God to beat.

On the other hand; spiritually speaking; a strong yet forceful heart rests and rejoices, and throbs force into the whole being!

The Lord is the only one that can reach that secret urn of life – the heart – to pour strength into it. He alone who created our spiritual soul is the One Who can make it strong.

God is full of strength and He will impart His strength those who need it, especially during a time of “waiting”!

Oh, be brave today my friends; for the Lord will impart His strength to you, and you shall have peace in the tempest, and courage in the time of sorrow.

Let us follow the Psalmist David’s exhortation -“Wait, I say, on the Lord.”

I know by long and deep experience that it is GOOD FOR ME to wait upon the Lord!


Photo Credit: Michael North Imagery