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An Everyday God

Elephants at Sunset

Elephants at Sunset


Last night I happened to glance out our glass sliding door just as the sun was setting. A breath taking scene filled my eyes. Earlier in the day a spring thunder storm had danced its way across our region leaving in its wake puffy lingering clouds, scattered across the waning evening sky. The lower the sun dropped to the horizon, the more beautiful picture its glowing embers created. The clouds were constantly changing color until it seemed that the whole spectrum of shades of crimson was painted across the sky. Glyn and I stood on our back deck, silently drinking in what could only be considered God’s handiwork at its best.

I saw “God’s fingerprints” in that sunset and it gave me comfort. I knew that just as surely as the sun will set and rise again, so the God I serve is MORE dependable and His boundless love for me is deeper and brighter than the beauty displayed in the clouds.

You see I believe we serve an “everyday God”. We serve a God who speaks to us through “everyday things” in the world that we live in. God declares His love for us in through a multitude of avenues in our “real world”.

Come follow me down the trails I have walked where God has shown Himself to me.

Standing close to the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls in the heart of Zimbabwe, feeling the thunderous power of the water rushing into the deep gorge, I could understand God’s almighty power being unleashed to protect me when I needed His help. Then as the spray from the cascading falls wet my face, I understood His gentle touch of caring that was softer than the falling morning dew.

Seeing a magnificent wild elephant mother guide her newborn baby to its feet with such amazing gentle dexterity in spite of her overwhelming size; showed me that when I struggled in my walk with God He knows just the right touch to provide me strength to stand and He will guide my faltering footsteps.

Sitting in the early morning, deep in the bush of Zimbabwe listening to the joyful songbirds give voice to the dawning of a new day, helped me understand that no matter where my path took me God would fill my heart with His song; His joy would be my portion all the days of my journey.

Standing by an open grave saying my earthly good-byes to my nearest and dearest loved ones reminded me that even though my heart was breaking, God had promised we would be eternally reunited in a place that He has prepared for us with His own Hands! Yes, I even saw God in the stark harshness of death’s grip!

Oh there are so many more examples I could remind you of where we can see God.

Such as in a baby’s smile or first steps.

The look of love as a mother holds her newborn. The unexpected hug from a friend….. just because….!

See Him in the flaming Flamboyant trees or the rich purple blaze of glory on the Jacaranda Trees; the whole of nature declares the Glory of God.

Watch the splash of color from the wild flowers in the mountain meadow, waft back and forth to the summer breezes and you can feel God’s presence enveloping you with His peace.

My friends open your eyes, look around you and I assure you that you will see God in your everyday life!

God is the creator of the Universe with its mighty galaxies, the brilliant Milky Way and more twinkling stars than we can count; yet He is right here in the thick of our everyday world and speaks to us through ordinary and familiar objects.

Some people seek for extraordinary signs; such as a weeping Madonna; a reincarnated grandparent; a feather floating out of nowhere and I could go on; but we do not need an “out of this world sign” for God has already spoken to us through His Son and His fingerprints are all around us in the everyday events of our lives!

We just have to learn to open the eyes of our understanding and hear Him when He speaks!

God is closer to you and me than we can ever imagine. We have nothing to fear in these very troubled times; for GOD WALKS THE DARK HILLS OF OUR LIVES AND HE WILL SHOW US THE WAY!